About Us 1


We are thrilled to be able to present to you our company and the reasons why you should consider us to provide cleaning services for your business and we want to thank you for this opportunity.

This is a family business founded with the desire of providing its client a Pristine experience as a result of more than 10 years of experience in the field and the  long term business relationships we have with our clients is the way we prove it. The large variety of businesses we serve can testify about the quality of our services.

We offer experience, formality, accountability, responsibility and exceptional service We have a team of responsible, accountable, well trained and expert janitors whom we are proud to have in our company, therefore 100% client’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

This is a family business eager to provide with excellent cleaning services to our future clients at a reasonable price. Our goal is to serve you with cleaning services beyond your expectations.

Our customer service representative will be located in your area and a call away at all times. This service has provided us with the ability to be physically at your location within the same day and occurrences taken care of within the same night, so that your business is clean and spotless for the next morning.

Please review the services we provide and feel free to ask any questions.

Call us now for free estimate: (201) 430-5728