Hard surface finished floors are maintained through an scheduled maintenance program incorporating the following elements:

Hard surface floors

Strip and Refinishing: removal of all old floors finish (striping), thorough cleaning and rising of the bare floor surface, and re-application of several coats of new floor finish to protect from damage and optimize appearance.

Scrub and Recoat: Periodic interim maintenance involving removal of top layer of floor finish, thorough cleaning the floor , and reapplication of finish. Performance of Scrub and recoat jobs extends the useful life of the floor finish, saving money by reducing the frequency of more costly strip and refinishing jobs. Also, scrubbing and recoating is the environmentally responsible alternative to stripping and refinishing, as it minimizes the need for harmful chemicals.

Spray Buffing or High Speed Burnishing: Restores shine to finished floors to keep them looking their best depending of the traffic and requirements of the facility. Buffing or Burnishing may be performed anywhere from quarterly (low traffic areas) to monthly (typical office lobby buildings and hallways) or more frequently (hospitals, Supermarket and other retails environments).